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Welcome to DSiBrew,
a wiki dedicated to homebrew on the Nintendo DSi.
We have 5,071 articles.


What is Homebrew? Want to help?
Homebrew is a popular term used for applications that are created and executed on a video game console by hackers and consumers. Homebrew is not yet possible for the average consumer, however, you can help out by documenting as much as you can about the system and putting your findings on the wiki.

Latest news

  • 08 November 17 shutterbug2000 re-released Ugopwn, a DSi homebrew exploit with NAND access (and 1.4.5 support!!) Ugopwn, first DSi homebrew exploit in AGES
  • 02 July 17 Apache Thunder announced RocketLauncher, the first exploit with unlocked Arm7, and also the first DSi exploit in years!
  • 01 June 15 Martin Korth released no$gba v2.8b, allowing to run the whole DSi boot process in the emulator/debugger.
  • 11 February 15 WinterMute released updated dslink. Now working with System Menu 1.4.5.
  • 11 December 12 Nintendo released System Menu 1.4.5.

This wiki has information about the DSi's IO Map and SD/MMC/SDIO Registers and Interrupts and other things. Could somebody unlock Main Page/Navigation, so one won't need to link that kind of stuff in Main Page/Current events?



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