Using Action Replay to Enable DSi-Mode Homebrew

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This tutorial will tell you how to get your DSi ready to accept homebrew code binaries (*.nds) to be run in DSi mode over wifi from your PC using an Action Replay DSi and a retail copy of Cooking Coach or Classic Word Games.



  • Action Replay DSi
  • DSi old enough to be vulnerable to the current exploit
  • PC and way to read/write to Micro SD Cards
  • Micro SD card formatted as FAT
  • Retail copy of Cooking Coach or Classic Word Games

Preparing Your Micro SD Card

  • Download a copy of the exploit from here.
  • Extract the *.SAV file corresponding to both your region game you're using for the exploit. (Scroll to the bottom of the Readme.html included in the archive for details on this.)
  • Use a save converter such as this one to convert the *.SAV file into the *.DUC format used by the Action Replay DSi.
    • For source format, select "RAW".
    • For target format, select "Action Replay DSi"
    • For size, select "8 Kilo-Bytes - 64 Kilo-Bits"
  • Create a folder on the root of your Micro SD card named "MYSAVES" and place your newly converted save file into this folder.
  • Place installDSiLink.nds onto the root of the micro sd card.

Now you're ready to go. Safely remove the micro sd card from your PC and place it into your Action Replay DSi.


  • With the micro sd card and your retail copy of cooking coach or word games inserted into your Action Replay, boot up the cartridge and go to the saves menu.
  • Select the converted save and chose to restore it.
  • Go back to the main menu and select "Files".
  • Select installDSiLink.nds and launch it.
  • Proceed by pressing the buttons in the order they are listed on the screen.
  • Return the the DSi system menu by pushing the power button.

Confirming Successful Hack

Insert the Cooking Coach or Classic Wordgames retail cart by itself and boot it up. If all went well, when the cart tries to load your save you should now see two blue screens with the text ...dslink ... connecting ... Congratulations. Now you can start creating dsi-mode hombrew code and send it via WiFi to be run on your DSi.

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